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brand ambassador portal 

hello birds!

This portal is full of resources relating to repping Picaflor Live-Culture at in-store demos, community events, special markets, & more. If you have questions please email


Below you will find the store location, phone number, and other information for our current retailers. When contacting stores, please reference this locator. If you have issues contacting stores please email for assistance. 


Demo supplies & Set-Up


branded-tablecloth (make sure it's clean!)

basket + cloth for tortilla chips

tongs for chips

sauce dishes or squeeze bottles

bottles of sauce to sample

stickers, coupons, poster, email sign-up

ice bin

trash bin + liner

notebook and pen for tracking metrics

*On occasion we demo with cut cucumber or other food and will notify brand ambassadors when we execute these special demos.

Do you need more supplies? Request below. Email with further questions.

Name *



Below is a demo report form. Please fill out for each of your demos. If you do more than one demo in a day, please do not combine demo metrics and instead fill out for each event. 

Name *
Let us know what store you were at and where. Example: Whole Foods Market - Union Station, Denver
Please list names of pepper flakes and quantities sold below. Product may vary depending on store.
We understand it's often hard to keep track of how many people sampled, especially at a busy event, but give us your best guess if you can.
Tally up how many people bought products.
*This is per demo, if cumulative please break-up and only list per demo, or email for assistance.


Use the form below to let us know when you are available to work events and set up shop at our retailers.

Name *
2019 CALENDAR: Weekends only. 11-2 and or 3-6 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please email if your schedule changes and note that missing demos without properly canceling with the store and the home nest at least 48hrs notice (if possible) isn't cool.