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Three Cheese Nachos

Are you ready for some football? If you watch a lot of football, or any sport, you can’t enjoy a game without good food! Heck–even if you don't like sports, these nachos are to die for. Three types of cheese come together with black beans and spicy Picaflor Hot Sauce in this delicious appetizer that the whole gang will enjoy! 

Gluten-free? Swap the chips for something suitable. Like Pinto Beans instead of Black? Go for it. Unleash your creativity with this nacho base and make substitutes as you need. Just don't skimp on the cheese or Picaflor Sauce :)


Maximum Umami Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What makes this grilled cheese unique is that it has been created for maximum umami, that delicious fifth flavor. Deliciously grilled sourdough bread comes together with melty cheese that has a spicy kick.

Every ingredient has undergone some kind of fermentation, microbial alchemy, a chemical transformation performed by billions upon billions of microbial buddies. Whether by bacteria in the Srirawcha and cheese, or bacteria and yeast in the sourdough, the diversity in microbial life leads to a diversity of complex compounds, and therefore complex flavors that can only be achieved through fermentation.

This recipe is perfect for brisk Fall days and the cold of Winter. Grill a few sandwiches and pair with your favorite soup. 

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Roasted Vegetables with Picaflor Fermented Pepper Flakes

An easy and delicious way to enjoy the last of Farmer’s Markets and seasonal vegetables. Kick your roasted veggies up a notch with Picaflor Raw and Fermented Pepper Flakes.

Whether you're roasting vegetables for a weeknight meal, whipping up a holiday side dish, or meal prepping veggies for the week to toss into salads and scrambles, this medley of squash, bell pepper, carrot, and onion is the perfect hearty blend for Fall and Winter. A healthy dash of Picaflor Pepper Flakes after roasting adds a flavorful burst of spice to this yummy dish that can easily be duplicated or slimmed down depending on how many folks you're feeding. Obsessed with eggplant lately? Swap vegetables for whatever is in season or whatever vegetable you're feeling.