Maximum "Oooo, Mommy" (Umami) Grilled Cheese Recipe

What makes this grilled cheese unique is that it has been created for maximum umami, that delicious fifth flavor.  Every ingredient has undergone some kind of fermentation, microbial alchemy, a chemical transformation performed by billions upon billions of microbial buddies.

Whether by bacteria in the Sriracha and cheese, or bacteria and yeast in the sourdough, the diversity in microbial life leads to a diversity of complex compounds, and therefore complex flavors that can only be achieved through fermentation.  

What You'll Need:

Fresh Sourdough Loaf

Picaflor Sriracha

Taleggio Cheese (or other aromatic cheese)


  • Slice ½” thick slices of the sourdough bread.

  • Heat 1 TB of butter over medium heat in a saute pan.  When the butter is melted place one slice of the bread in the pan.

  • Place a layer of Teleggio slices on the bread, about ¼” thick (more or less as you like).

  • Spread 1 TB of Picaflor Srirawcha (more or less as you like) on the cheese.

  • Cover with the second piece of bread.  Allow the bottom slice to turn golden brown, then melt another 1TB of butter in the pan.

  • Turn the grilled cheese over and cook until that side is golden brown.